Work Life Balance – December 8, 2012

by Dave L on December 8, 2012

Welcome to the December 2, 2012 edition of work life balance.  I am a little late this month because I just got back from a long road trip.  This month I received over 70 submissions but I’ve boiled it down to these 13 which truly reflect a good balance on the subject.  Thanks for all the submissions.

Michael Salas presents Stop Talking About Work posted at Vantage Point Dallas Counseling.

Brandon Yawa presents 10 Yawas to stomp on stress posted at Brandon Yawa, saying, “I wrote this to help you transform the way you encounter stress.”

Theresa Torres presents When Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness posted at The Self Improvement Blog, saying, “Let’s take a look at how money affects our happiness level and explore the ways on how money can really buy us happiness.”

Steven Xu presents Growth Unleashed: The Next Step posted at Growth Unleashed.

Lynda Albertson presents 5 Candy Cane Ornaments that You Can Make With Kids posted at Nanny Babysitter, saying, “During the holiday season candy canes tend to make a dominate appearance in the candy aisle, and are a traditional holiday treat.”

Daniel Long presents 10 Family Friendly Warm Places to Go for Winter Break posted at Hire a Nanny, saying, “If you live in a cooler climate that experiences wintry weather during the colder months, but aren’t a fan of toughing out the colder days or participating in winter sports, the idea of escaping to a warm, sunny locale for a quick family vacation during winter break can be incredibly appealing.”

Kristin presents It doesn’t get better.  Just different.   – Mommy Modern posted at Mommy Modern – Home.

Bill Apablasa presents Rooms 33-36: Practice the Art of Impatience – Home – The Other 999 Rooms posted at The Other 999 Rooms.

Bill Apablasa presents Rooms 42-45: Slow Down and Enjoy the Oatmeal – Home – The Other 999 Rooms posted at The Other 999 Rooms.

Diego Brown presents 5 Fun Poses for this Year’s Family Christmas Photo » National Nannies posted at National Nannies, saying, “Every year, many families like to take a Christmas photo with their family. Whether they use this photo for their Christmas cards, to place in their scrapbook, or to frame and hang on the wall, it can be challenging to come up with the right outfits to wear, the right location to have the picture taken, and how to differentiate it from past Christmas photos. Have no fear, Christmas photo pose ideas are here.”

Jon Rhodes presents Future Life Progression as a Tool in Strategic Planning posted at Free Hypnotherapy, saying, “Can you use future life progression to help you plan your future?”

Shira Sebban presents Abandoning the Search for Balance posted at Shira Sebban, saying, “Please ignore my previous submission as I made an error re the permalink URL, which I have now corrected. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

Janet Golovine presents 10 Things Moms Like to Save Through the Years posted at Become A Nanny, saying, “Even the most dedicated de-clutterers have a box or a container stashed somewhere that’s housing mementos and keepsakes from their children’s early years that they aren’t yet ready to part with.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of work life balance using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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